Welcome to the Our Lady Of Peace Parish, Newbridge

with Sacred Heart, Pontllanfraith and Ss. Anthony & Clare, Risca

We are a Catholic community growing in faith, spreading the Gospel message of Love through our daily lives and by supporting one another and the wider community through prayer, fellowship and service.

Mass Times

Live Stream Schedule! 

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Sunday Stream – 10.30am on Sundays and on Holy Days

Chapel Stream –  10.00am Morning Prayer.

Mass – 10.30am most days. Monday & Tuesday at 6.30pm)

6.00pm Angelus and Evening Prayer.

Night Prayer at 10.00pm.

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Candles. If you would like a candle lit in the Chapel, please email newbridge@rcadc.org or text Fr. Kevin. Or use the donations Tab above. You can also request a Mass to be said there.

Requests received by 9.30am will be lit at Morning Prayer.  Those received by 5.30pm will be lit at Evening Prayer

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The Lenten Journey

But where shall we journey?
We are journeying homewards!
Yes, if we listen ti the messages of Lent, they are all calling us back. Back home to live with our Father. Back to a place of plenty, a place of love and peace – for eternity!
This is our Faith and Hope.
The world has lost sight of this call of the Father and is still floundering on a journey with no end except darkness and death. An absence of God!
God calls us back to the garden; back to paradise/heaven; back to that which we lost with the sin of Adam.
All journeys back home are good, but this is exceptional –
‘Come back to me with all your heart!’
The journey is not easy. It involves us giving our whole effort and strength to travel on the road that leads to God. But we have a Trail Blazer – someone who has walked the way and shown us the path. Yes, the life of Jesus is our example – but are we strong enough to follow? Can we be bothered? Can we show the route to the rest of the world?
This is our calling. To serve God and surrender ourselves to his will and reach our true home at the end of the journey.
Stick with it!
Happy Lent to you all.


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